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Typical Toyota.

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Toyota have always been more innovative marketers than vehicle designers.

The Prius is a notable exception.

They were amongst the first to develop a web presence and then very quickly followed that up by making it interactive.

Now they are at it again, this time with iPad ads.

This one popped up on The Age the other day.

I flip past most ads on The Age iPad App, as I would have done in their traditional broadsheet newspaper.

However this one stopped me because it was involving.

The reader was asked to tap on the screen to see the effect a smash would have on their internal organs.

The heart, lungs, liver and kidneys would all crack, like glass, when you tapped them.

Tap them harder and they shattered.

This ad involved the consumer in the idea.

Good ads have never been static, even if they were only in print form, they have always had the ability to bring the punter along for the ride.

Oh what a feeling.


Monday, January 23rd, 2012

I was at a birthday party just before Christmas and one of the guests suffered a massive heart attack.

Four people, including myself, gave him Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. It was later discovered that none of the four had ever done CPR before.

We managed to crack a couple of ribs but we kept him alive until the MICA unit arrived about 25 minute later.

We were all working on this poor guy by trying to recall what we had read in books, seen on TV or in the movies. All four of us thought that the others knew what they were doing and just followed suit.

While we were pounding his chest another of the guests was in contact with 000 where a paramedic was giving him instructions on what we should be doing.

We were being told to depress his chest 100 times a minute, this was far more that I remember, but we weren’t going to argue.

I only wish that this ad had been running, at some time, before I needed to do CPR for real.

It’s a great example of perfect casting, a very appropriate soundtrack and a simple, well told narrative.

What’s even more important, is that all these separate elements combine to make this spot stick in your memory.

And isn’t that the sort of recall you want when it’s a life and death situation?

Our ‘victim’ is recovering well and can’t wait to get us back for cracking his ribs.

Vinnie Jones Hard and Fast


Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Advertising that’s only decorative and doesn’t communicate anything is referred to as “Wallpaper”.

I think the creators of this poster have taken the expression literally.

Buying and selling.

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

It’s not as simple as trying to make money, if you’re the seller, or finding a bargain, if you’re the buyer.

Well, not if you’re on eBay.

There’s a whole new psychology at play.

The reasons for buying and selling are very different, to what we understand in the rarefied world of Sales and Marketing.

On ebay, selling can be a way of life, a way to find people with similar interests, make contacts and expand your network.

The same goes with buying.

Buyers often spend money, they don’t have, in order to meet people, they may never have met. Again it’s the social interaction that’s more important than the purchase.

We recently sold a clothes dryer on eBay for $30.

We were glad to get rid of it, at any price, because it would save us from having to hire a van and take it to the tip.

This would have cost us $100+.

Now the guy who bought our dryers only concern was, does it work? He wasn’t interested in what it looked like or was it the latest model.

His wife, who was new to Melbourne, had discovered the vagaries of our weather and needed to have more control over the drying of her laundry.

So his motivation was to get his wife off his back while ours was to save a dollar, not make one.

Brands or marketing spin played no part in this sale.

We had a needed to sell, and he wanted to buy, however our motivations were not the normal supply and demand paradigm.

I wonder if, in these times of social media, the psychology of buying and selling might become redefined and be more like the eBay model?