It’s a keeper.

After the ‘World’s longest lockdown’ Melbourne is starting to break free and get back to some form of normality.

One of the worst aspects of our enforced isolation was being subjected to take-away coffee, in take-away cups.

As soon it became obvious that coffee could no longer be consumed, in cups, sitting in a cafe, we went out and purchased non disposable cups.

These are branded Think Cups and designed and made in Sydney. We found them at the local gift shop, which was lucky as we have had to replace them twice.

They are made from glass and tend to break if dropped. Now this a real risk when you get a barista who is stressed out and over worked, which was often the case at the morning coffee rush, during lockdown.

As take-away became the norm we decided to get some extra cups, to put in the car and carry with us when, on those very rare occasions, we got out of town.

These are KeepCups and designed and made in Melbourne. And if you buy the plastic ones – they bounce if dropped.

As it turned out they are unique, in that they are regarded as the world’s first barista-standard, reusable coffee cup. 

The KeepCup company was founded in 2007 by sister and brother Abigail and Jamie Forsyth. Apart from Australia they now sell their cups in New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Europe and China.

Their world first follows the success of coffee shops in New York, Barcelona and London, that were all started by Melburnians.

Now Melbourne can truely be regarded as the ‘Coffee Capital of the world’

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