Pamukkale and Hierapolis. (April 2012)

More destructive than a pilfering archeologist, that’s the fault line that runs through southwest Anatolia.

The ancient Hellenistic city of Hieraplolis was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 60AD. It was then rebuilt in Roman style and that’s what remains today. However a successive number of quakes have reduced most of the city to rubble.

The same fault line that destroyed ancient Hieraplolis, is also the main reason for its existence as a thermal spa.

Pamukkale, the Turkish name for the old Greek city, is renowned for a wall of white travertine that looms over the village, like the surrounding snow capped mountains, and the thermal pools filled with hot calcium enriched waters.

Legend has it that these miraculous waters can make you ten years younger.

We opted out of the full bathing experience, in Cleopatra’s Pool, and decided to walk down the travertine slopes in our bare feet.

I did have an extra spring in my step afterwards.

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