A bit like Sorrento. (April 2012)

We have just spent three days in Fethiye, a resort town on the Aegean Sea, in the southwest of Turkey.

According to the guide books there are over 7,000 Brits living in Fethiye and a huge number visit here during the northern summer months.

When you see signs advertising ‘Real Sausages’ and they mean pork bangers, you know the Poms have a significant economic importance, especially when this is a predominantly Muslim country.

We visited the abandoned Greek town of Kaya Cukuru. This ghost town came into being when both Greeks and Turks were expatriated, back to their respective countries, after the Turkish War of Independence.

One of the main attractions of Fethiye is the beaches, especially Ölüdeniz or the Blue Lagoon.

The holiday season isn’t due to start until May and I get the feeling that the locals are taking a deep breath before the onslaught begins.

Everyone is busy preparing for the season, even the boat yard is buzzing, but they are more relaxed and there is little pressure placed on the few tourists who are here. The residents are just happy that the winter is over and they can start to earn a decent income again.

They also know this is their last few weeks of sanity before the tourists invasion.

It’s a bit like Sorrento in December.

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