Typical Toyota.

Toyota have always been more innovative marketers than vehicle designers.

The Prius is a notable exception.

They were amongst the first to develop a web presence and then very quickly followed that up by making it interactive.

Now they are at it again, this time with iPad ads.

This one popped up on The Age the other day.

I flip past most ads on The Age iPad App, as I would have done in their traditional broadsheet newspaper.

However this one stopped me because it was involving.

The reader was asked to tap on the screen to see the effect a smash would have on their internal organs.

The heart, lungs, liver and kidneys would all crack, like glass, when you tapped them.

Tap them harder and they shattered.

This ad involved the consumer in the idea.

Good ads have never been static, even if they were only in print form, they have always had the ability to bring the punter along for the ride.

Oh what a feeling.

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