I grew up with a very English perspective on public behavior.

I never wanted to offend.

Whenever there was any hint of confrontation I would always back away with the word “Sorry”

This isn’t the case in many parts of Europe.

Many Europeans come from the original ‘Me Generation’, the concept of a queue, especially while waiting for public transport, in shops or even buying a stamp, doesn’t exist and sorry isn’t in their vocabulary.

Now this proves to be a great frustration for those of us who have been brought up with this, seemingly outdated, English gentility.

You either stand back and let everyone push in front of you, or you take a stand and try and teach a small number a lesson in civility.

Much to the frustration and amusement of many, I opted for the second strategy.

This won me plaudits from people with a similar background to mine but questioning looks from everyone else.

I still used “Sorry” but this was usually followed by “…this is a queue, do you mind going to the back?”

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