A walk in the park. (December 2012)

Park Güell was built in the years 1900 to 1914 as a real estate development by Count Eusebi Güell. It was established on Muntanya Pelada (Bare Mountain) and intended to be an escape, for the well-to-do, from the smoggy atmosphere of industrial Barcelona.

The development was a total failure with only two housed being built there.

Anton Gaudí designed the park and the accompanying architecture, with its network or pedestrian footpaths, roads and viaducts.

The organic nature of Gaudí’s design is everywhere.

Gaudí was coerced, by the Count, into buying one of the two houses and lived there for 20 years. It’s now Casa Museu Gaudí and houses some of his furniture design and personal items.

Like a lot of Barcelona in the off-season, Park Güell is in a state of repair with workers, jack-hammers and High-Vis jackets everywhere.

We have visited the park before but decided it would be a good place to try out my new Sony DSC-RX100, miniature camera.

I wanted to see how versatile the new camera was, test it out under different light conditions and then compare it with my Sony a55 SLR.

We walked around Park Güell for several hours, I took 79 shots with my original SLR and 119 with its new, younger sibling.

It was a great walk in the park and I was pleasantly surprised with the snaps from the new camera as well.

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