Double take. (April 2012)

The luxury of having time is that you can return to a place you haven’t fully explored, a second time.

We did that at Ephesus.

On the first day the weather was miserable, dark sky’s and poor light.

That day I used the wide angle lens and tried to find drama in the panoramic views and gloomy grey skies.

The next day, after climbing over the ruins of the Basilica of St. John and a visit, by local bus, to the mountain town of Şirince, we headed back to Ephesus.

On our second visit the skies were blue and by late afternoon the light was magic.

I decided to look at this outstanding archeological site through different eyes and chose to use the long lens for the majority of my snaps.

Another advantage of having time to see places a second time is that you’re not always at the mercy of an over zealous Tour Guide.

You can go at your own pace and stop to ‘Smell the roses’ or even photograph them if you like.

Only having two hours to ‘Do’ Ephesus can take its toll on aging limbs.

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