Insights not platitudes.

‘It’s all about you’ is the current positioning line for the Mazda CX9.

However it seems that this is a catch cry of a selfish, self-centered generation, rather than a line for a specific product.

It’s an attitude rather than an insight.

This same line is the title of a song from McFly and the Albanian singer Juliana Pasha. The line is also used for a diverse range of other products and causes, like: How To Get (and Keep) A Wonderful Man, The Centre for Complementary Health, Binge Drinking, Melbourne University Credit Union, a Day Spa and even, but not surprisingly, Jesus.

The result is that this line will roll of people’s consciousness like eggs off a Teflon fry pan.

‘Enjoy Christmas. Shop early’ is EBay’s line and like all good ones it’s based on a human truth.

For many people the stress of Christmas shopping can ruin the occasion. If you get it out of the way early, as EBay suggests, you will have more time to enjoy the event.

A good line needs to do more than just hold a mirror up to the consumer; it needs to connect with them.

Many ‘experts’ praise Social Media because it has the ability to create a two-way conversation with the user.

A good positioning line can do that, and more, because it demonstrates that the brand has insight into the needs of the consumer.

And like the EBay line it makes you stop, think and subconsciously nod in agreement.

After all, it’s all about you.

'Its all about you' by Tony Murphy

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