Caravanning isn’t daggy but the vans are.

One of the biggest problems facing the caravanning set is their image.

Not them personally, however they do need to get rid of the silly hats, but the image of the small block of flats they are towing.

Caravanning became popular in the US in the 50s’ and it seems as though the graphics used by the manufactures has been caught in a time warp from the same period.

The Googie design style was used by bowling alleys, petrol stations and caravan manufactures, with great success, just after WW2.

This retro look has been made popular again by companies who want to hark back to a simpler era, however it sends the wrong message when it comes to contemporary long haul touring.

I toured Europe in the 70s in a VW Combi Van and, for the time, it was state of the art.

It had a modern look that was devoid of all the crap graphics that are so prevalent on today’s motor homes and caravans.

Their exterior belies what is inside these travelling condos. They have Sat Nav, wireless internet and solar electricity, yet they look like they have come from an episode of Father Knows Best.

The Grey Nomads, who travel the planet in these mobile penthouses, are being branded as daggy by the very image of the brands they driving.

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