Legislation or education?

With the unfortunate death of another Victorian bike rider, concerned groups are asking for tougher legislation.

“People who drive less than a metre from cyclists should face harsh penalties, bike groups have said.” The Age, July 26, 2011.

This approach seems to be the only answer to so many ‘concerned groups’. This has led many to believe that Australia is becoming a Nanny Nation.

We now have calls for stricter controls on advertising to kids. Health warnings on alcohol and so many signs on our streets, telling us what to do and what not to do, that they have become a source of increased visual pollution.

Continuing on a theme of telling us what to do is Metro, the operator of the Melbourne rail system.

As well as subjecting us to a barrage of verbal warnings they have now plastered their escalators with more instructions on how to behave.

I wonder if the millions that it’s costing us, to introduce and enforce this new legislation and behavior, wouldn’t be better spent on educating people to think more for themselves.

Isn’t it better to know what is right rather than be told what is wrong?

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