“I’ve got a mate”

This is great for the person who has the mate and probably great for the mate but it can be very costly for business.

“I’ve got a mate” is usually associated with a client who has a mate who he believes will be able to save him money by getting a job done more cheaply.

The opposite is usually true.

The mate probably doesn’t want the job, because he knows he will have to do it for cost.

He therefore cuts corners, doesn’t ask questions and just wants to get the job out of the way.

He might be the totally wrong person for the job but does it because he’s a mate.

He could even be charging far more for the job because he isn’t set up to handle it.

But yet he still goes ahead, because he’s a mate.

So many jobs that are handled by mates turn to disaster.

It’s not the mate’s fault but a misguided belief, by his mate, that paying the right money to get a job done professionally isn’t good business.

How do I know all this?

My mate told me.

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