Water, Water Everywhere.

Hayden has just developed another iPhone App.

This one is for ‘Water, Water Everywhere’ and is designed to show where people can get fresh, non-bottled, drinking water.

Here is part of the blurb that’s on the app.

“Bottled water is a huge unnecessary expense and creates massive environmental damage all over the world.

So why not use tap instead?

The Water Water Everywhere app shows you thousands of locations around the UK where you can ask for free tap water.”

It’s a great app that allows you to add places where you can find free, fresh, water.

At the moment all the sites are in the UK, which is useless for people who don’t live there.

So why not download it and add your own fresh water sites as you find them?

Here in Australia we have some of the best drinking tap water in the world yet so many of us buy bottled water.

It is now up on the Apple Apps Store.

This app is also an excellent example of collaboration as the idea came from Ben Kay in London. The graphics came from Crystal Lee, I guess she’s in the UK as well, and the development came from Hayden in Barcelona, then it was tested here in Australia.

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