Water, Water Everywhere or water wars?

Hayden’s latest app, Water, Water Everywhere, has just been made the Guardian Newspaper’s Consumer App of The Week.

That’s great news for the cause and for Hayden, as the app was praised for its ease of use.

It’s worth going to the comments section that’s down below the main article.

There are the usual trite comments on the pros and cons of using tap water but there is one interesting little battle that is being fought.

Apparently there is a ‘rival’ to Water, Water Everywhere called tapwater.org.

Now they may have very good ideals but they are, after all, ultimately trying to flog a drinking bottle.

It’s worth continuing down the comments because in an act of accord, Ben Kay, the creator of Water, Water Everywhere, has suggested they collaborate and share their locations.

Here is where a noble act could be perverted by a commercial imperative.

This remains to be seen.

What is more important than any of this, is the fact that many of us are still drinking bottled water, when we don’t have to, and that bottled water is costing us money and damaging the environment.

Surely the battle should be about reducing the consumption of bottled water and not about who’s got the best app or the most locations.

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