Perception and reality.

Australians have been shocked by the cruelty that’s being inflicted on animals in Indonesian slaughterhouses.

So much so that domestic red meat sales have dropped.

The meat and livestock industry have always been very careful to separate what we throw on the barbie from how it got there.

The supermarket or butcher has always been the middleman, shielding us from reality.

Now the consumer has been confronted with the reality that your prime porterhouse actually comes from a real animal, not a polystyrene tray.

I must confess that I am a blood-sucking carnivore and even I felt a pang of conscience as I tossed my slab of steak onto the flames the other night.

The interesting fact is that it’s only the butchers and markets feeling the financial pain, not supermarkets.

Does this mean that the perception of supermarket meat as being ‘faux’ animal is still the reality for most people?

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