I have just wasted a few hours of my life watching the final of Eurovision.

Everything seemed familiar.

The songs, wardrobe, look and even the dance moves, I felt as though I had heard them all before.

The Greek artist had a fusion of traditional Greek music with rap. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

The French guy had a great voice but not much more.

The Italians had a jazz theme, funnily I think I have heard it all before.

Next, the UK’s ‘Blue’ – Man Power on speed. I thought that Eurovision was about music, not muscles.

Lena, the defending winner from Germany, certainly had a great sound, but she was so last year.

At this point I am thinking, this is the Eurovision Song Contest, shouldn’t it be about the song?

Half the acts are about the stage show not the lyrics or the delivery.

Austria, so Céline Dion, so 1988.

Iceland was the sentimental favorites with a great song but a familiar sound.

The Ukraine used a sand artist. A great visual effect, that didn’t add to the originality of the music.

Serbia was a bit like Dianna Ross and the Supremes, only in Serbian.

Even the Eurovision show lacked substance. It was like a lot of current TV commercials – all technique with no real creative idea.

The only act that stood out for me was Moldova and their song ‘So Lucky’ with the fairy on the unicycle.

I could imagine them on Triple J.

It was a bit like watching 2 hours of TV commercials. Very few acts stood out or were memorable.

It was all wallpaper.

What is the criteria for Eurovision? If it’s originality then most acts have failed.

And the winner is – Azerbaijan with ‘Running Scared’

I somehow don’t think they have the staying power or originality of Sandy Shaw (1967) ABBA (1974) or even Céline Dion (1988).

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