It’s all about the idea.

There used to be clever campaigns.

They ran on TV, radio and in print.

The medium wasn’t important, the idea was. And the idea was so clever that it could run anywhere.

If the 1980s campaigns, by CDP, for Hamlet Cigars or Heineken Beer ran today, they would still be media neutral.

There would be iPhone apps, social media and of course the obligatory website, all built on the back of the core idea.

So why is there a proliferation of executions that only involve one media?

Like social media that only communicates if you tweet in ‘leetspeak’ or installation ads that speak to a miniscule audience with the hope of attracting PR.

I once had a creative director that would never approve one off ads. He was always looking for the campaign idea.

He believed that techniques went out of fashion while clever ideas were timeless.

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