Selling strategies.

Just as advertising uses a range of techniques to sell a product or a brand, so do the hawkers of Vietnam.

One cyclo driver had a little book of testimonials from previous customers.

The problem with this was that, unfortunately, he didn’t understand a lot of what had been written.

Some of it wasn’t all that complimentary.

A lot of retail advertising uses the ‘Pester Technique’, a really crap ad shown over and over again.

A similar approach is also used by cyclo drivers. They will follow you for blocks, imploring you to use their services.

And just like bad retail, the only way they can get you to buy is by dropping the price.

Guilt is also used to good effect.

There are always ‘Buying Opportunities’ right across Vietnam, incorporating clean rest rooms, that are conveniently placed along the tourist routes.

If they think you are American, you will be told that some of the crafts people are handicapped.

A direct cause of Agent Orange, of course.

This is known as ‘Good Cause’ shopping.

The one strategy that worked on me was used by the villagers in the mountain region near Sapa.

As soon as you jump off the bus they were there by your side, involving you in dialogue.

Yes, they were there to sell you something, an embroidered bag or handcrafted silver trinkets.

However it was the way they got you into conversation, by asking your name, your age, how many kids you have.

It was that personal engagement that finally won me over.

It’s a strategy that a lot of marketers could learn from.

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